Our Process

Design Build Process

Our Process

•First Meeting
Our initial free consultation is an opportunity to conduct a two way interview. Our goal during this visit is to learn about your remodeling needs, budget and answer any questions you may have about JD Moore Construction. This is also a time to address any concerns you may have about remodeling your home. We at JD Moore Construction LLC. will help you navigate through the whole remodeling process. We welcome a homeowner’s careful approach towards selecting a contractor where we strive to earn your trust and show you that we care.

• Design-Cost Analysis Service
The design-cost analysis agreement is a three part service that JD Moore Construction provides to its potential clients. This agreement includes developing a remodeling design, the creation of a detailed job scope and an overall projected job cost to fit your budget. The importance of this service is to provide consumers with the information they need to make solid decisions about their remodeling project. This is a vital step that creates a solid foundation for a smooth remodeling experience. The fee for this service ranges from project to project. Once your design/cost analysis is complete we will meet with you to go over your presentation folder. If we are awarded the project then we deduct the service fee from the job scoping and estimating cost for the project. If you decide not to hire JD Moore Construction for this project you still retain the rights to all documents; however if you choose to work with another company, then JD Moore Construction is relieved of all liability associated with the project.

• Contract / Payment Schedule
Your expectations are important to us, therefore, our contracts give a budget number for the quality raw products we use, draw out all labor required to perform your project, provide a finish material breakdown and detail the payment schedule tailored to your specific project. It is our intention to be fair to our clientele with a thorough and easy to understand contract.

• Project Launch Meetings
From our experience, the most challenging task for a homeowner during the remodeling process is product selection. Due to the endless options and numerous vendors available today, this process can be overwhelming. JD Moore Construction has developed a system to simplify the selection process. We meticulously educate and assist you through this process step by step.

• Project Construction
Its our obligation to treat your home like it’s ours while having the privilege to be a guest in your home.